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Here’s How to Keep Your Coffee Fresher Longer

Girl's hands hold a large sealed bag with coffee beans over a wooden table.
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Buying roasted coffee beans from a local shop is a great way to experience a refreshing brew at home. But your coffee will taste even fresher if you remove the beans from the retail packaging.

Storing your coffee beans in an airtight container will help preserve the flavor for longer.

The National Coffee Association emphasizes that moisture, heat, light, and oxygen are the biggest threats to your coffee’s freshness. Using an airtight container will prevent the contamination of your beans.

It also helps to store your beans in a non-translucent container. This protects them from roasting in the bright light.

Veken Coffee Canister

This opaque coffee container keeps your beans fresh and full of flavor.

It’s best to store your coffee in a dark location at room temperature. Keep your coffee away from warm areas in your kitchen, such as near the oven or toaster. Sunlight can also warm up the container, causing the beans to go stale faster.

Correctly storing your coffee beans will ensure longer freshness and quality taste. Using an airtight container at room temperature is the best way to mimic the taste of your favorite coffee shop.

Now that you know how to keep your coffee fresher, make sure you know how to tell when the beans have gone bad.

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