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Will Keeping Tortillas in the Fridge Help Them Last Longer?

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Whether you’re an avid taco Tuesday kind of person or use tortillas to make wraps, they don’t have the shelf life you might expect. But there is a way to extend it, and all you need to do is store them differently.

You should be keeping tortillas in the fridge in order to keep them fresher longer.

So here’s the thing. Do tortillas need to be refrigerated? No. When it comes to store-bought tortillas, they can stay fresh in your pantry for about five to seven days, but if you refrigerate them—particularly in the case of flour tortillas—they’ll stay good for up to a month. As for homemade tortillas, they don’t have many of the preservatives of commercially prepared varieties so even refrigerated, they might not last longer than a week.

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As for storing your tortillas in the fridge, you’ll want an air-tight container. Exposing your tortillas to air could cause them to dry out and lose flavor. While an air-tight container can help mitigate some of the issues with fridge storage, your tortillas might still become a bit brittle, but that’s an easy fix.

Before making your tacos, quesadilla, wraps, or enchiladas, simply heat up the tortillas in the microwave. It’ll only take about 20 seconds, and it’ll make them pliable again. You can also toss them into a pan for heating, and some people even sear them over their gas stoves (but we’re a bit leery of this as it looks like quite the fire hazard.

If you want to make sure you’ve always got tortillas on hand for taco Tuesday, tossing them in the fridge for storage might be your best bet.

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