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This DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaner Will Have Your Sink Smelling Great

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If you are a devoted garbage disposal user, you have probably noticed an unpleasant smell radiating from your sink every now and then. The odor is likely from decaying food waste that might still be stuck (ew, right?). But there’s a way to stop it.

Several at-home remedies exist to combat that awful smell—the most common being citrus, vinegar, and ice. So what if you combined all three to create the best garbage disposal cleaner ever?

Using citrus to clean the garbage disposal is a beloved cleaning hack because the skin of lemons and oranges cuts through any food particles left behind around the blades of the disposal, and the yummy citrus scent is a bonus. Meanwhile, vinegar is a natural bacteria killer, and ice actually helps sharpen the disposal blade.

Adding these three together is a combination that your stinky garbage disposal doesn’t stand a chance against.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer

Stop the smell before it even happens.

To craft this DIY garbage disposal cleaner, simply put citrus peels in a muffin tin or ice cube tray. Then, fill the tray with vinegar and freeze until solid. Drop those suckers into your garbage disposal and run it. It won’t be long before that stench is replaced with the satisfying smell of citrus.

While you have those lemons out, use them to get rid of any not-to-pleasant smells coming from your fridge and any other household appliances. You know what they say—when life gives you lemons!

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