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When to Know It’s Time to Repot Your Orchid

Woman transplanting orchid into another pot on kitchen.
Mariia Boiko/Shutterstock.com

You’ve trimmed your orchid’s stems. You’ve tried finding the optimal place in the house for your orchid to live. You even tried fertilizing it. You’ve attempted every trick in the book to extend your orchid’s life, but your favorite houseplant is still struggling to survive.

This could mean it’s time to repot your orchid to give this plant another chance to bloom.

Repotting your plant should be your last option. When you do decide to re-home your orchid, transfer it to a transparent plastic pot. This clear container will help the roots of the orchid absorb extra sunlight to stimulate growth.

You should also use a specific orchid mixing soil to enrich your orchid’s life. Regular soil reduces airflow, making it harder for the roots to breathe. Finding delicate or specially formulated soil will give your orchid a better fighting chance.

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot

These pots provide ultimate transparency to soak up the sun.

After transporting your plant baby to a new pot, wait a week to water your orchid. This gives it time to adjust to its new home.

Orchids are beautiful, fickle plants that can sometimes be challenging to care for. Knowing how to properly look after it will help it thrive. Just make sure you don’t overwater your plant and that you find the right orchid pot.

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