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Fend Off Dissatisfaction with a Gratitude Journal

A digital drawing of a woman writing in an open book.

If there was something simple you could do a few times a week for just a few minutes that would help you fend off feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, would you do it?

The folks behind Kurzgesagt (a German animation studio that crafts fantastic, minimalist-style animated science videos) have a fantastic video about the science behind feeling more satisfied and grateful, and less unhappy and dissatisfied.

If you’re at work or on the subway and can’t fire up a video with sound, here’s the 10-second summary of what you can do to increase feelings of contentment (it’s a great video, though, so if you can watch it later, we highly recommend it).

Researchers found that if you take a few minutes a few times a week to write down a handful of things you’re grateful for, it can rewire your brain to be more gratitude-centered. People who journaled their gratitude found they were happier in their daily lives.

We previously covered the benefits of gratitude journaling, so it’s nice to see those align with the results of this study.

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