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Why That Viral DIY Dishwasher Detergent Is a Bad Idea

A woman opens a dishwasher.

Whether you’re a dedicated TikTok viewer or just love finding new ways to get your home spotless, social media has become the place to go for cleaning hacks. But not all of them should make it into your cleaning routine. In fact, one recently viral claim could cause more harm than good.

A DIY dishwasher detergent has attracted millions of viewers, but according to experts, crafting this seemingly simple cleaner could lead to disaster.

The hack, created by popular content creator Brunch with Babs (yes, the woman behind the boozy grapes), recommends adding traditional dish soap and baking soda to your dispenser in order to make your own cleaning solution. While this seems like an affordable, easy way to get your dishes clean, the mixture could damage your dishwasher.

First, adding traditional detergent to your appliance could result in too many suds being created. When that happens, the dishwasher can’t spray and circulate the soap meaning that your dishes won’t get completely clean.

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But most importantly, the blend could damage your dishwasher’s interior like seals, gaskets, and other parts. If it does cause damage, using a non-dishwasher-safe cleaning solution will likely void any warranty you might have.

The next time you run out of dishwasher detergent or dishwasher pods, it might be best to do some handwashing until you get more.

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