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No Bottle Opener? Grab Kitchen Tongs

Six bottles of beer lined up on a wooden countertop.

With football season in full swing, you may find yourself picking up a 6-pack of your favorite beverage more often than usual. But the only thing more frustrating than the opposing team scoring is not having a bottle opener in sight.

Before you start to shuffle around your kitchen to look for a potential DIY pry-off tool, grab your kitchen tongs.

An Instagram post made by American Test Kitchen—complete with a helpful illustration—shares just how handy tongs can be in removing bottle caps.

To open a bottle with kitchen tongs, simply sandwich the top of the bottle inside the handle. You can gently lift it from there like a typical bottle opener. It’s that simple!

6 Pack Beer Bottle Sleeves

No more cold, slippery hands.

Of course, some bottle caps are twist-off, in which case this hack doesn’t apply. But those pesky pry-off caps require a little more elbow grease. Pry-off bottle caps are not only a cheaper alternative for brewers, but many companies believe it offers a better seal against oxygen (and nobody likes a flat carbonated drink).

Who knew tongs were a helpful tool on and off the grill?

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