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Here’s How to Keep Your Milk Fresher in the Fridge

A person gets milk out of a full fridge.
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How many times have you poured milk on your cereal, only to learn that the milk has gone bad? And it’s not even past the expiration date!

Try storing your milk in the back of the fridge to maximize its freshness.

Milk is kept freshest at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be tempting to store your milk in the fridge door for easy access, but the door is actually the warmest spot in the fridge.Since you’re constantly opening and closing the fridge door, this area has the most access to open air. This can cause the temperature of the milk to fluctuate.

Storing your milk in the back of the fridge will keep it closer to the cooling vents, making this the perfect place to store your milk.

Waterproof Refrigerator Thermometer

A thermometer can help ensure your milk is stored at the right temperature.

It’s also best to store your milk on a lower shelf. This might mean you have to keep the milk carton on its side to get it to fit—just make sure to tighten the lid.

Basically, keeping milk on the bottom shelf at the back of the fridge is how to maximize its shelf life, maintain flavor, and prevent you from wasting hard-earned cash at the grocery store.

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