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10 Edible Gifts That Won’t Keep You In The Kitchen

A woman arranging food in a gift basket.

The path to the heart is often through the stomach. But there’s no need to spend hours crafting in the kitchen just to show your love this holiday season. Some of the best edible gifts are better bought than made. So put away the apron, save yourself the mess, and use this edible gift guide instead.

For the Gourmet Aficionados

Murray's Cheese boards
Murray’s Cheese Boards

These are for those that appreciate the mouthfeel of a perfectly aged Cabernet. They’re for those who can describe the intricate differences between blue cheese and Stilton. And for those who find pleasure in the best of the best, be it caviar or champagne. Pleasing someone with self-professed exquisite taste can be a mounting task, but with these gift ideas, you’re sure to surpass even the highest of expectations.

A Cheese Board in a Box

Murray’s Cheese provides the best of the best when it comes to cheese and crackers. No bright orange single sliced American products to be found here. Instead, they create beautiful cheeseboards using high-end products. You can either piece together your own cheeseboard in a box based on their suggestions and easy “cheese board by number” format. Or, you can purchase one of their pre-made gift boxes to keep things simple.

Get the Gift: Murray’s Cheese

Caviar Gift Set 

Many of us may question why one would ever pay so much for the eggs of a scaly, water creatures. But, those with a gourmet palette and those who wish to have one will appreciate the subtle differences between a salmon and paddlefish’s genetic fruit; or at least they will pretend too. So, whether you have a friend who actually delights in fish eggs atop a creme fraiche lined cracker, or one who simply wishes they did, this is the ultimate in gourmet gifts.

Get the Gift: Marky’s Caviar

For the Creatures of Comfort

hot chocolate on a stick in various flavors
Uncommon Goods

You can identify a creature of comfort when you see one. Their office probably has a comfy pillow or two, their home is full of blankets, and you’re more likely to see them dawning sweat pants than you are to see them dressed in denim. When seeking an edible gift for this type, comfort is king. Think warm mugs filled with steaming beverages and oven-baked treats.

Hot Cocoa on a Stick  

Curling up next to the fire with a giant cup of cocoa might be the ultimate expression of winter comfort. After all, nothing goes better with a cheesy Christmas movie and fuzzy winter slippers. These gourmet hot chocolate dippers are adorably packaged, but more importantly, they taste amazing. Paired with giant marshmallows, this is a winner when it comes to comfort inspired gifting.

Get the Gift: Uncommon Goods – Hot Cocoa on a Stick

Comfort Food Gift Box

There’s nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of hot soup, except maybe a batch of fresh-baked cookies. This gift set includes both, making it ideal for the winter homebody in your life. Plus, it has artisan-style rolls and a cute little ladle, everything needed for winter soup sipping.

Get the Gift: Spoonful of Comfort

For The Coworker You Don’t Know (But Are Obliged to Get a Gift For)

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s for the boss of your boss, who you’ve only met once, or for the guy in accounting whose name you can’t quite remember, these are the gifts for you. Generic? Yes. But also always well received.

Harry & David’s Pears

You don’t have to know the person at all to know they’ll enjoy something from Harry & David’s. They’re the leader in gift baskets, which makes them the one-stop-shop for generic gift-giving. And, there’s not a soul who’ll be sad to receive one.

Purveyors of the finest fresh fruits and exotic nuts, you can’t go wrong with one of these baskets, but we love the pears, apples, and cheese basket in particular. It’s great for personal snacking but also lends itself well to holiday entertaining.

Get the Gift: Harry and David’s

Popcorn Tins 

It’s a classic for a reason. Very few people dislike flavored popcorn. And, even if they do, we bet they love the tin it came in. Be sure to get one with multiple flavors, like butter, cheese, and caramel corn. The receiver is sure to love at least one of them, or have a friend that does!

Get the Gift: The Popcorn Factory

For The Kitchen Chemists

DIY Mochi kit
Uncommon Goods

If there’s a foodie in your life, giving them an edible gift can be disastrous. You don’t want to buy the amateur baker a box of cookies. Trust us; they think their homemade ones are better. And you’d hate to give an amateur chef a jar of gourmet sauce and dried pasta when they make their own marinara on the weekends. So, instead of a ready-made edible gift, for this bunch, we suggest a DIY kit.

Make-Your-Own Cheese Kit

Many can’t fathom why someone would desire to make their own cheese when you can readily buy it at a store. But the kitchen chemist in your life is all about the process, not the result. So give them a kit like this, and entertain them for hours. And really, it’s a gift for you too, since, with any luck, you’ll get to taste the products.

Get the Gift: Willams Sonoma

DIY Mochi Kit

If cheese is too generic, or your gift receiver prefers sweet to savory, a DIY mochi ice cream kit may fit the bill. This kit comes with everything you need, including green tea and chocolate flavors, but it encourages its users to go beyond what’s in the box. Make your own ice cream, jams, and jellies, to fill the included mochi molds, and the creative possibilities quickly become infinite.

Get the Gift: Uncommon Goods

For the Kids and Kids at Heart

candied apples dressed as snowmen and santa
Amy’s Gourmet Apples

Playful, sweet treats are at the heart of edible gift-giving to the young and young at heart. If you’re buying for someone who loves bright colors, defines their favorite animal as a unicorn, and just can’t help but wear polka dots to work, this is the section to shop in.

Candy Club Gift Sets 

Happiness is like being a kid in a candy store. And let’s face it, even for adults, nothing beats the bright neon colors, the over-the-top fruit flavors, or the whimsical imagination inherent in a box full of candy. Give the gift of pure sugary-sweet joy with a Candy Club gift box. Or, gift a subscription, and bring confectionary bliss to a loved one every month.

Get the Gift: Candy Club

Caramel Apple Snowmen and Santa’s

Cover fruit in chocolate and both young and old are sure to delight. We love this fun and festive take on the traditional candied apple treat. Snowmen and Santa inspired caramel apples will bring smiles to anyone with a sweet tooth, regardless of their age.

Get the Gift: Amy’s Gourmet Apples

Edible gifts are fantastic options. They’re almost guaranteed to be enjoyed and don’t add to the white-elephant gift clutter we all seem to collect during the holidays. But gifting something edible doesn’t mean you have to make it.

Buying a ready-to-eat gift for the eaters in your life is as simple as a click of the mouse. And we don’t know anyone who’d turn down a box full of candy, popcorn, or even cheese! So, if you’re struggling with gifts this year, take the easy route and buy a pre-made edible present.

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