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Forget Baking Soda– Use Vanilla Extract to Make Your Fridge Smell Better

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We’re all aware of the old adage that sticking a box of baking soda in the fridge is the best way to mask or get rid of bad smells caused by food going bad, yeast, etc. It’s basically accepted as a fact at this point.

While baking soda can be an effective deodorizer– if you use it properly, anyway– what if we told you there was a better, equally easy way to neutralize those fridge odors?

Another baking staple, vanilla extract, is the key. Vanilla extract (not vanilla bean) even goes one step above baking soda. It doesn’t just get rid of bad smells– it makes your fridge smell good in the process.

Besides the vanilla extract, the only other things you need to make your fridge smell sweeter are some cotton balls and a small dish or bowl.

Delling Ceramic Dipping Sauce Bowls

Small bowls like these ones, for instance.

Splash a few drops of the vanilla extract onto the cotton ball, place said cotton ball into the dish or bowl, and stick the bowl on a shelf in your refrigerator. That’s all there is to it!

You’ll want to switch out the cotton ball with a freshly scented one every so often to keep your fridge smelling fresh and sweet. Also feel free to experiment with other flavoring extracts you have on hand. Lemon extract, for instance, can be quite effective deodorizer too.

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