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Can a Tide To-Go Pen Get Rid of Red Wine?

A glass of red wine has tipped over onto carpet.
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Household accidents happen, but when they involve red wine, things get a bit more dire thanks to the stain potential. But could you already have the solution on hand?

Can a Tide To-Go pen get red wine stains out of fabrics?

As it turns out, if you’re the type to always travel with one of these stain removal pens, you’ve got a red wine spill quick fix. Arguably, a To-Go pen is not ideal for large-scale stains, but it can be used in a pinch. The pens combine hydrogen peroxide which helps to dissolve the color in the stain and Epsom salt for quick drying.

The key to the To-Go pen’s use, however, is that it must be used on a fresh stain. If you let red wine set into your carpet or couch, this quick fix won’t work. You’ll need to break out the big cleaning guns like vinegar, baking soda, and actual hydrogen peroxide.

Wine Away

Banish those red wine stains.

If you love red wine and are prone to spills, your best bet might not be Tide pens of DIY solutions. You can actually buy cleaners designed specifically for red wine. Wine Away is a popular option and works on both fresh and dried stains. Plus, it works on other difficult-to-remove substances like blood, coffee, and fruit juice.

So could you use that Tide To-Go pen in your bag to get rid of red wine? Sure. But if you want an easier solution, a specific red wine stain removed might be your best bet.

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