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Are Butter Boards the New Charcuterie Boards?

A person spreads butter over a wooden board and tops it with herbs and spices.

The charcuterie board is the undisputed champion of entertaining. A board filled with meat, cheese, and various other snacks? What’s not to love? Well, the charcuterie board might be getting dethroned with butter. Yes, butter.

Butter boards are taking over TikTok, and while it might sound odd at first, they look delicious.

There are a few different ways you could do butter boards, but the one currently blowing up on the video-sharing app is from creator @Justine_Snacks. In her video, the creator spreads thick layers of room-temperature butter all over a wooden cutting board. Next, she tops the butter with salt, herbs, sliced red onion, and edible flowers. The result is a gorgeous butter spread that’s almost too pretty to eat.


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

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Once all of her butter accouterments had been added, she sliced a loaf of bread and used it to scoop up a bit of butter. Delicious, right? When guests arrive, all you’ve got to do is put out some bread and allow people to dip it.

Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Of course, you'll need a great cutting board.

While @Justine_Snacks flavors all of her butter the same, you could also make this a butter-themed board by purchasing different butter varieties—apple, pumpkin, or garlic for example—and arrange them separately on the same board. Then, it’s like a delicious butter-tasting menu.

If you plan to do some fall entertaining or are hosting a Halloween party, a butter board might need to be on the menu.

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