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Here’s How to Use Your To-Go Lid as a Coaster

Close up of a woman holding and drinking iced coffee at Starbucks coffee shop.
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Many of us love grabbing an iced coffee or cold soda for a little pick-me-up. But when you lift the cup, it can be frustrating to see the small puddle of condensation forming on your table.

Next time, use your to-go lid as a coaster for your drink.

TikTok user @alltruality explored this concept in one of her videos about “the hidden purposes of everyday things.” In the short video, her animation showed how the ring in the lid is exactly the same size as the bottom of the cup. The lip of the to-go lid will even catch the dripping condensation.


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When trying this hack, flip the lid over so that the top of it faces the table. This will expose the ring on the bottom of the to-go lid, where your cup will perfectly fit.

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This hack works for iced or hot drinks. We recommend not putting the lid back on your cup after using this hack. Once it becomes a coaster, it’s better for it to stay as a coaster.

Next time you stop at your favorite coffee shop, try this unique trick. Hang out at one of their tables with your preferred iced drink and observe how the table stays dry. If you’re making a quick McDonald’s run, do you sometimes wonder if their Sprite really tastes better than from a can?

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