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Here’s Why You Should Microwave a Lemon

Sliced lemons sit in a white bowl.
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The microwave is one of the most annoying kitchen appliances to clean. Sure, you can scrub the food splatters with dish soap, but sometimes it’s no easy task.

The next time you clean your microwave, use half of a lemon wedge to get rid of the nasty grime.

Lemons are one of the handiest fruits to help you with your cleaning projects around the house. The acidity in the juice can create a natural cleaning method to scrub away your messes and leave things smelling clean and fresh.

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To try this out, place a lemon half (or two, if your microwave needs a little extra TLC) into a microwave-safe bowl. Add a half cup of water and microwave this concoction for 3 minutes.

When the microwave beeps, keep it closed and set a timer for 5 minutes. After the timer goes off, carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and easily wipe away the lemon moisture with a towel.

If your microwave needs a little more scrubbing, dip the towel in the lemon-water mixture before wiping away the leftover grime. Keep in mind that the bowl and water will be very hot.

The next time you’re tempted to throw your leftover lemon in the trash, consider if your microwave or dishwasher could use a good cleaning first.

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