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Can You Still Eat Ketchup After the Expiration Date?

A bowl of ketchup sits in a pile of fries.
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Ketchup is an essential staple in the kitchen. But this popular condiment can also sit unused in the fridge for several months until it’s needed again. Is it okay to eat if it’s past the expiration date?

Most of the time, ketchup can live long after its expiration date.

How Long Does Ketchup Last?

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Does ketchup expire? Yes. But, generally, store-bought ketchup lasts up to 6 months in the fridge and is still safe to eat up to four to six months past the date. The “best by” or “sell by” labels on the bottle refer more to quality rather than food safety.

So, while you should keep those dates in mind when you’re shopping for your favorite bottle of ketchup at the store, it’s okay to use them more as “guidelines,” as long as you plan on consuming your ketchup relatively soon after the expiration date.

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Can You Still Eat Ketchup After the Expiration Date?

Woman dipping french fries into small bowl of ketchup
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Ketchup consists of natural preservatives, such as vinegar, salt, and sugar. These ingredients all have a long shelf-life, so it’s difficult for bacteria and mold to form. An unopened bottle of ketchup can sometimes last 1-2 years past its expiration date with no problems. Open bottles typically are safe for a few months after the stamped date.

However, ketchup can still spoil, and it’s important to look for the warning signs. Even if it’s only a few days or weeks after the expiration date, using your eyes and nose is the best way to determine if your ketchup is safe to consume.

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How to Tell if Ketchup Goes Bad

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Can ketchup go bad? Absolutely. The warning signs are easy to spot and will likely make you want to throw the bottle away instantly.

If you notice moldy, crunchy residue on the lid or inside the ketchup, it’s a smart idea to throw it out. If it starts to smell sour or tastes off, it’s also time to buy a new bottle. Use your senses and it won’t take you long to determine if your ketchup has truly expired, no matter what the stamped date says.

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How to Store Ketchup

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To ensure your bottle lasts as long as possible, keep opened ketchup in the fridge. This will help ensure it can still be good after its best-by date has passed. But it’s not just ketchup that needs to be refrigerated. Check out all the other condiments that should be refrigerated, too.

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While ketchup lasts for a long time, and is typically still good after the expiration date, it doesn’t last forever. Does ketchup expire? Yes. Can ketchup go bad? Absolutely. Pay attention to the warning signs that it’s no longer safe to eat, and buy a new bottle of your favorite burger condiment and French fry companion.

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