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This Mascara Will Make Your Lashes Look Twice as Long

A woman applies mascara, two tubes of mascara are next to one another, and a woman makes a heart with her hands over her eyes.

To say there are a lot of mascara options on the market is an understatement. Narrowing down your favorite can be difficult. But if you’ve been on the seemingly endless hunt for a mascara that’ll make your lashes look twice as long, you can stop now. We’ve got you covered.

CaliRay’s Come Hell or High Water mascara will have your lashes looking double their actual size, and how it works is all in the formula.

The CalirRay mascara is a tubing formula. If you’ve never used one, you might be wondering what the heck a tubing mascara is. It’s actually a lot easier to explain than you might link. Unlike typical mascaras that apply a coating to your natural lash, tubing mascaras are made from polymers that wrap around each lash, covering it in a tube. These mascaras are able to grab onto the lash, lift it upward and then apply the tube which enhances the length of your natural lash.

Sounds pretty great, right? It is (we’ve tried it).

A tube of mascara is next to a close up image of a mascara wand, and a woman smiles while looking up.

CaliRay isn’t the only tubing mascara on the market, but it’s got attributes that make it a must-try. First, at $24, it’s an affordable beauty product, and that alone makes it worth a go. However, it’s also smudge-resistant, conditioning (thanks to the inclusion of argan oil), and easy to remove.

While you might already have a mascara you love (and that’s great), if you want to try a new formula or don’t yet have your all-time favorite, CaliRay’s Come Hell or High Water is worth a shot.

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