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Is Wheat Bread Really Healthier Than White Bread?

A loaf of sliced wheat bread and a loaf of sliced white bread sit side by side.
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From sourdough to multi-grain, the bread options out there seem endless; the two most common types of bread, however, seem to be wheat and white.

While many health-conscious people prefer to reach for wheat bread, we can’t help but ask: is wheat bread really healthier than white bread? Usually, yes (but for some, no).

The main difference between wheat bread and white bread lies in the different ways they are processed, leading to different nutritional content.

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Wheat bread is made from (you guessed it) wheat. Because of this, wheat bread naturally carries all grain components, including its healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. As long as the bread says 100% whole wheat, all of the health benefits will be retained within the bread.

On the other hand, white bread is made from refined flour, undergoing a milling process that removes most of the beneficial nutrients that we find in whole wheat bread. The only component that naturally remains from this process is starch, which is low in nutritional value.

Based on that information alone, anybody could guess that wheat bread is the healthier option since it has more fiber and fewer calories—and you would be right. However, those with digestive issues and GI conditions might want to opt for white bread instead, as a low-fiber diet is often recommended.

Whether you choose wheat or white (or any type for that matter), one thing many of us can agree on: bread is delicious.

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