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Have You Been Putting Dishwasher Pods in the Wrong Place?

A person places a dishwasher pod into a dishwasher.
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There’s a space in your dishwasher for detergent. We all know that, but according to a recent viral video, if you use dishwasher pods instead of classic liquid detergent, you might consider switching up where you place them before a cycle.

Content creator @renduh, who also says they are an appliance repair tech, says your dishwasher pod goes in your silverware caddy. But are they right?

Reactions to @renduh’s (whose name is Renae) video have been mixed. But let’s talk about why they recommend putting pods into your silverware caddy. According to Renae, the gel casing on the outside of the pod becomes extremely sticky when it gets wet, and over time, that sticky residue could gunk up your washer leading to repairs.


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However, rebuttals have been made to the video, and they explain exactly how most dishwashers work. Typically, your appliance will do a rinse phase before it starts cleaning. The rinse is designed to get off any large food particles, but it would also mean that an exposed detergent pod would get wet. Given that the gel casing begins to break down, you could lose part of your detergent during the process making your cleaning less effective.

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Go ahead and keep using your pods.

So when it comes to dishwasher pods, what’s the best approach? Read your manual. Often, they have recommendations on how to use specific cleaners, particularly now that pods are so common.

When it comes to advice and recommendations on TikTok, also do your research before trying them. No one wants the TikTok equivalent of a Pinterest fail.

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