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What Are Decluttering Outboxes?

A stack of boxes are filled with clothes.
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Whether you were digging fall decorations out of storage and realized you’ve got a lot of stuff or you simply do a seasonal clean-out, decluttering can be daunting. There’s one thing you need that could make it easier.

Decluttering outboxes are an easy and simple way to organize your process and ensure everything goes to the right place.

The idea of outboxes comes from Apartment Therapy, and essentially, they’re what they sound like. Boxes filled with stuff that’s going “out” of your home. Setting them up is easy, and it sets you up for success.

IRIS USA 12 Qt. Plastic Storage Bin

Clear bins will allow you to see the items inside.

First, you’ll need three boxes—be they plastic, clear containers, or just plain old cardboard. Label them as donate, sell, and maybe. Then, choose a spot in your home—out of the way of your declutter—to store them. As you go through your items, file the ones you’d like to get rid of into one of the three boxes.

Then, when you’ve cleared out your space, go back to those boxes and revisit the items. It might be best to take a day or two in between these steps to allow yourself time to relax between a stressful declutter and actually eliminating items.

But once you’re ready, you can sort through those items one last time then head to your local thrift shop or donation center. It’s basically decluttering made easy.

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