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Can You Shower During a Thunderstorm?

water flows from a shower head.
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Advice abounds when a thunderstorm finds you and your home. Sometimes, though, it can be confusing to know what advice is a myth and what is legitimate.

We know the saying, “when a thunderstorm roars, go indoors!” but when you get inside, there are still some thunderstorm rules to follow, and that includes not showering.

First, let’s quickly tackle the difference between thunder and lightning. Lightning is the natural spark discharge that occurs within the atmosphere and is the thing that can kill or cause harm. Thunder, on the other hand, is the product of that.

So when there is thunder, there is lightning, and when you hear it, it’s time to go inside.

As for showering during a thunderstorm, it’s advised that you don’t. A recent report by the CDC indicates that lightning can travel through plumbing, so doing anything involving your water—like showering, washing your hands, and doing the dishes—should all be avoided to reduce your risk of getting struck.

NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

A weather alert radio can help keep you informed about storms.

While the chances of lightning traveling through plumbing is greater with metal pipes than plastic pipes, it’s still important to avoid all water sources. It’s also recommended to stay away from (and don’t touch) anything connected to an electrical outlet.

So the next time a thunderstorm comes your way, don’t panic. You’d be happy to know that no rule exists that says you can’t grab a blanket and some snacks and binge-watch a new Netflix series during the storm.

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