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Is Sugar Water Good for Your Plants?

A woman waters her flowers in her garden with a blue watering can.

We all try to find unique tips and tricks to keep our plant babies healthy and strong. One recent hack suggests stimulating your plant’s growth with sugar water. But is this really a good idea for your plants?

Overall, sugar water can actually damage the roots of your healthy plants.

Sugar water is the combination of tap water and store-bought sugar. The sugar is added to boiling water to help it dissolve.

Watering your plants with sugar water can prevent your lovely plants from getting the nutrients they need in the soil. Plants don’t absorb sugars like humans do, and this ingredient can actually block the roots, causing the plant to be unable to soak up water.

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The only time gardeners recommend using sugar water is to save a dying plant. You can add a small amount of sugar to the water to provide a small boost to their naturally growing sugars. This trick should only be done in the short term until they’re healthy and strong again.

The best way to water your plants is to regularly water the roots and soil. It also helps to find a good watering can and fertilizer to feed your healthy plants.

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