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Here’s How Long You Should Wait to Shower After Working Out

A woman jogs on a treadmill.
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You just finished working out and can’t wait to wash the hard work off during your post-sweat session shower. But hold off before you do!

Turns out, you should wait around 20 minutes before jumping in the shower after a workout—here’s why.

During a workout, your body temperature and heart rate increase (especially if you completed an intense workout). Jumping in the shower right away risks the possibility of your dilated blood vessels contracting too quickly, women’s health and wellbeing expert Dal Dhaliwal told Stylist.

Alex Randall, founder, and CEO of Revel Sports, told the outlet that he recommends waiting about 20 minutes after working out so that the body has time to cool down gradually. He also noted that it helps to prevent any bodily shock to your system so it can continue to reap the benefits of the workout after you’re done.

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But don’t wait too long! Feel free to hit the shower once your body has stopped sweating profusely. Sitting around in your sweaty clothes longer than 30 minutes puts you at risk of infection from a build-up of bacteria and sweat, among other pretty unpleasant things.

If there’s no time for a shower, don’t worry—changing out of your workout gear and into clean clothes is all it takes to avoid this.

This downtime period is the perfect time to get some post-workout stretches in. But if you are simply too exhausted, a lovely and quick scroll on social media will do the trick.

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