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Sparkling Sweets: 11 Dessert Recipes Using Champagne

champagne jello flutes from foodnetwork.com
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Champagne is as vital to New Years as a midnight kiss. But don’t let the glittering glow end in your glass! Keep the party sparkling by serving up some bubbly desserts. From panna cotta to sugar cookies, check out these 11 sweets made better with champagne.

We call them champagne tastes for a reason; this bubble filled delicacy is reflective of the finer things in life. Perhaps that’s why it’s inherently tied to our New Year’s Eve traditions. In hopes of manifesting a year full of wealth and abundance, we kick things off using a traditional symbol of extravagance.

And we have nothing against that. In fact, we’re all for using champagne in more than just a glass flute. Its delicate flavor mixes beautifully into strawberry and orange-tinged, cakes, cookies, and desserts. So pop open a bottle, and let the bubbly flow; right into that bowl of batter if you please!

Cakes and Cookies

Delish Champagne and Strawberry trifle
Carrie Stalk

Sometimes cakes and cookies are seen as bake sale fare, not quite refined enough for fancy parties. But spiking them with sweet sparkling champagne is like sending them to finishing school. Their childhood-like flavors begin to lean towards sophistication, taking them from back yard birthday party to stylish soiree.

Champagne & Strawberry Layer Cake: Cakes with champagne can be tricky because champagne itself has such a delicate flavor. This recipe uses a champagne reduction to make sure the champagne taste makes it through to the finished dessert.

Get the Recipe: Life Love and Sugar’s Strawberry Champagne Cake

Strawberry and Champagne Trifle: If the thought of frosting a cake makes you cringe, the trifle is your new favorite dessert. Layered, champagne flavored cake with champagne spiked whipped cream and strawberries make for the ultimate in effortless elegance; no piping bags or offset spatulas required.

Get the Recipe: Delish Strawberry Champagne Trifle

Blood Orange Mimosa Cake: An homage to everyone’s favorite brunch beverage, this cake takes full advantage of seasonal winter produce. Of course, a regular orange will work in place of the blood-red variety. But, the pink-hued blood orange glaze does make for a stunning sight on your New Year’s dessert table.

Get the Recipe: A Classic Twist’s Blood Orange Mimosa Cake

Gold Dusted Champagne Macarons: Macaron making isn’t for the faint of heart, especially in the humid conditions winter often brings. But there’s something so perfect about these delicate champagne infused cookies topped with glittering gold and lined with sweet peach buttercream filling; we couldn’t help but include them.

Get the Recipe: Tatyana’s Every Day Food – Gold Dusted Macarons

champagne meringues
Le Petit Eats

Champagne Meringues: The addition of champagne only improves the classic egg-white based cookie. The light and airy nature already pleasant in meringues is the perfect pairing for a bit of bubbly. And, the edible gold dust in this recipe gives the ideal amount of New Year’s shimmer.

Get the Recipe: Le Petit Eats – Champagne Meringues

Champagne Sugar Cookies: There’s champagne in both the batter and the frosting for these cookies, making them the perfect bubbly bite! To make sure they look as good as they taste, don’t forget the sanding sugar on top.

Get the Recipe: Show Me the Yummy Champagne Sugar Cookies

Easy Champagne Cupcakes: These are almost too easy. Take white, boxed, cake mix, and follow the cupcake instructions on the package. There’s only one substitution: switch the water for champagne! Of course, if you’d like a more detailed approach, Beth at The First Year Blog has you covered.

Get the Recipe: The First Year’s Blog Champagne Cupcakes

Other Sparkling Desserts

champagne gummy bears and bottle

If cakes and cookies don’t cut it, try one of these desserts instead. Be careful, though. A couple of them keep the champagne raw, which means these bites can come off pretty boozy.

Champagne Soaked Strawberries: This might be the easiest in adult party desserts. All you have to do is soak hulled strawberries in champagne for twenty-four hours before New Year’s Eve. Of course, dipping them in chocolate is also highly encouraged.

Get the Recipe: Eating Well Prosecco Soaked Strawberries

Cranberry Champagne Panna Cotta: Don’t be scared by the fancy name. Panna Cotta is very simple to make. We love this one for its use of cranberries, which might be the perfect ingredient to keep the holiday spirit while transitioning to the new year.

Get the Recipe: Taste Made’s Cranberry Champagne Panna Cotta

Champagne Jello Cups: Sure, regular jello cups might bring up images of nurseries and nursing homes, but these are far from ordinary. The alcohol isn’t cooked off in this recipe, making these jello cups a truly adult take on the otherwise simple snack.

Get the Recipe: Food Network’s Champagne Jello Flutes

Champagne Gummy Bears: Yes, you’ll have to invest in gummy bear molds to make these. But, we think it’s well worth it given how cute these guys look on a New Year’s candy bar. And, you don’t have to stick with straight champagne. Rose and other flavored sparkling wines make fun additions to the mix, both in color and in flavor.

Get the Recipe: Pinch and Swirl’s Champagne Gummy Bears

So, if you’re seeking a sparkling New Year’s Eve, don’t skimp on the desserts. A bright and bubbly treat table is a superb way to celebrate the evening. Because champagne’s not just for toasting, it’s made for cakes, cookies and gummy bears too!

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