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What Is the 20/20 Decluttering Method?

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You’ve got a closet full of clothing, kitchen cabinets filled with leftover containers, and a general sense of clutter in your home. It’s time to declutter, but you love your stuff! How are you supposed to get rid of it?

The 20/20 decluttering method is the way to go.

This decluttering method was created by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (yes, from the Netflix series). To put it into the simplest terms, you declutter items that can be replaced for less than $20 or in under 20 minutes.

Breaking it down further, the idea behind the method is that if it’s under $20 and easy to attain, you can replace it easily if you discover you actually need it. Think of it this way: you get rid of a set of plastic food containers but after cooking a few meals you realize that you do actually need a few more. That’s an item you can obtain for very little money and get quickly. Basically, there’s little risk in decluttering it.

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Organize your remaining items in clear bins so you can easily assess what you have.

Now, while you might not want to live quite as minimalist a lifestyle as Millburn and Nicodemus, the method can still help you narrow down the smaller items you just can’t seem to part with. The only thing to keep in mind is that this method might not work for large ticket items, but for things like kitchen gadgets, plastic containers, accessories, and other small pieces, it’s perfect.

If you’ve been holding on to a few too many items during your decluttering sessions, the 20/20 method could help narrow down your toss and donate items. For bigger ticket items, you can always try the three-pile method.

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