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Are You Loading Cups Wrong in the Dishwasher?

A person places a mug into the top rack of a dishwasher.
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Everyone seems to have their own ways of loading the dishwasher. There are, however, certain rules we should all be following—like not being glassware on the bottom rack and facing plates inward. But there’s one you might not know about.

You should be placing glassware between the prongs on the dishwasher’s top rack. Yes, I was guilty of skipping this step.

While many have likely already been doing this, it was news to me, and it all came about thanks to a beloved TikTok content creator, @Brunchwithbabs. Babs is known for her home hacks and recipes, and this time, she’s teaching people to use a dishwasher—a lot of people. Her video on properly loading the appliance has a cool 4.6 million views.


🍽  Did your Mom ever teach you the Do’s and Don’ts for loading the dishwasher?  In our family, when it comes to chores, how to load the dishwasher is one of the hottest topics.  Let’s face it, everyone has their own system that they think is the only way to load the dishwasher.  Well, Babs’ is here to teach you the proper way to load your dishwasher so that each and every dish comes out sparkling clean.  🍽 Xo Babs #dishwasher #howtoloadadishwasher

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In the video, the creator outlines several tips on how to load a dishwasher, but her method for placing glassware like mugs and cups onto the top rack was arguably one of the most shocking. If you’re like me, you’ve been placing your cups and mugs over the prongs, but according to Babs, they should be placed between the prongs. This will keep them in place as the washer runs.

Honestly, when you think about it, Babs’ method makes far more sense, but it wasn’t her only genius top rack hack. She also reveals that most dishwashers’ top racks can be lowered using a button on the side. This allows you to place wine glasses and other tall glasses without causing damage. Genius, right?

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a proper way to load a dishwasher, Babs’ video might give you some insight.

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