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How Rice Can Help Clean Difficult Glassware

A person cleans a wine glass with a towel.
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When it comes to glassware, there are a lot of things to consider when cleaning. You’ve got to be extra gentle and make sure you’re using the correct cleaner. But what about those oddly shaped glasses that you just can’t get a sponge into?

As it turns out, rice is the secret to cleaning difficult glassware.

If you’re like me, you’ve got some beautiful glassware like decanters, bottles, and cocktail and wine glasses. But cleaning them can be difficult due to oddly shaped openings. They’re too delicate to go in the dishwasher but too difficult to wash with a sponge. Rice, dish soap, and water are the answers.

First, you’ll pour a handful of uncooked rice into your glassware. Then, add a bit of warm water and a small amount of dishsoap. Apply a lid or use your hand to cover the opening. Then, swirl or shake the glass a few times. The rice will act as a gentle abrasive to get any bits off the interior of the glass while the soap cleans.

When done, empy the contents and rinse several times with warm water. Let dry, and you’ve got a clean glass.

While the trick works great in a pinch, we do have one other suggestion. Purchase a bottle brush. You can get sets featuring multiple sizes so it’ll fit all of your glassware, and you won’t be wasting any rice.

If you’ve got a vase that needs a bit of TLC or a decanter that needs a clean, rice works in a pinch but a bottle brush is your best bet.

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