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Here’s Why Your Dog Gets the Zoomies

A dog runs through a field with its tongue out.

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve likely experienced a sudden episode of the wild dog zoomies. Before you know it, your dog is racing full speed around the house, bouncing off the walls, and running laps around the coffee table. So, where does this random burst of energy come from?

Dog zoomies come from pent-up, excess energy throughout the day.

Your pup typically gets zoomies when they need to release their energy, like before bedtime or during an exhausting training session. A bath can also cause this sudden adrenaline rush. If your dog is food-oriented, excitement over their daily meal might cause them to zoom as well.

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The more formal name for this behavior is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS), and it’s perfectly normal. Younger dogs usually experience more zooming episodes, but depending on your dog’s breed, they can still get zoomies into old age.

The behavior is typically harmless unless they’re in an area where running around can be dangerous. If you don’t want them zooming in the house, try to get them outside in a fenced area. If that’s not an option, use high-reward treats to calm them down.

It can also help to find mentally-stimulating toys, like puzzle games or snuffle mats.

If your dog loves a good zoomie session, don’t worry too much, and if you want to get some of their excess energy out, you can always try joint activities like hiking.

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