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Will Eating Carrots Really Turn Your Skin Orange?

A bushel of carrots sit on a wooden surface.
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Carrots are a delicious and crunchy healthy snack, and there have long been stories about how this veggie can improve your vision. But a common myth about them can cause you to scratch your head: can eating too many carrots turn your skin orange?

Eating an excessive amount of carrots can actually cause your skin to turn a yellowish color.

Carrots are high in beta-carotene, a pigment in plants that gives them their vibrant color. It’s actually found in a variety of foods including sweet potatoes and butternut squash. In the body, beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A which boosts your immunity and improves your vision. But when you Indulge in too much beta-carotene, it can lead to Carotenemia, a condition that causes discoloration in your skin.

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This new skin tone is usually seen in your palms or the bottom of your feet, and children are more affected by it than other population groups.

Before you give up carrots completely, though, this condition isn’t toxic or harmful, and it can go away! By limiting the amount of beta-carotene foods in your diet, the yellow pigment will start to decrease.

Eating a varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will help prevent the discoloration of your skin. Another tip to improve your overall health is to add more fiber to your diet.

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