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Bring Blue Jays to Your Yard with This Easy Switch

A blue jay sits on a branch surrounded by fall leaves.
karl umbriaco/Shutterstock.com

Fall is here, and the more temperate weather might have you outside more often. If you want to attract more fall birds—specifically the beautiful blue jay—to your yard while you’re sipping coffee in the mornings, there’s an easy switch you can make to help.

Instead of using traditional birdseed to draw blue jays to your yard, grabs some nuts instead.

While jays actually enjoy a variety of foods, adding nuts, in particular, to the mix can help draw them to your feeder. Peanuts are a specifically quality option to scatter along your feeder. But it’s not the only one. You can also add seeds, like pumpkin and sunflower, as well.

Hanging Bird Feeders for Outside

Grab some colorful feeders for a little pizzaz.

Keep in mind, however, that blue jays are larger birds, and as such, they’ll need a larger feeder. Platform feeders—which feature flat, large surfaces with plenty of room—can be hung from branches or set up independently on a pole. You can also opt for hanging mesh feeders which will help keep the seeds safe from squirrels.

If you plan to spend a few more mornings on your perfectly decorated fall porch or you’ll be keeping your windows open for a good serenade from a songbird, it’s time to ditch the birdseed and grab some nuts.

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