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Are You Really More Productive at a Coffee Shop?

African young woman sitting in a coffee shop busy working on her laptop.
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Coffee shops are full of people working hard and studying. If you work remotely, you might be one of them. With the fresh smell of coffee and the chill ambiance, you might wonder: are you really more productive at a coffee shop?

As it turns out, working in a coffee shop can actually increase your productivity.

Studies have shown that ambient noise can boost your creativity. The sounds of the grinding coffee beans and the chill background music can help get you in the zone. Called “the coffee shop effect,” this experience shows that having just the right amount of background noise can impact your productivity.

In fact, there are YouTube videos created using coffee shop sounds. So, if you can’t work from a coffee shop, brew a cup of coffee, grab your headphones, and press play.

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Hardworking people in coffee shops can also act as motivators. Seeing them busy at work can help you get into a similar flow state.

Finally, it’s healthy to switch up your work environment every now and again. Incorporating new surroundings into your routine helps you think better outside the box.

If you’re looking to work from coffee shops more often, check out our guide on how to work from coffee shops for the most productive work day.

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