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Broken Glass? Grab Some Bread

A broken glass is on a wooden surface.

Cleaning up broken glass is such a pain. Not only do you have to spring into action immediately and clean it up, but you must ensure you get every little shard—especially if you have little ones or pets running around.

What’s your go-to for getting rid of broken glass? While a broom is great, the next time you break a glass, grab a piece of bread to ensure you get every little piece.

You’re probably thinking: how can bread help me pick up broken glass? We’re glad you asked!

To clean up broken glass with bread, put a little water on the food to make it slightly damp. Press it on the floor where the shattered fragments are.

The glass will embed itself into the damp bread, quickly lifting any leftover pieces your broom didn’t get. Plus, it eliminates the danger of cutting your hands or feet during pick-up.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Throw these on during pick-up and you'll definitely walk away unscathed.

Of course, you’ll want to pick up any large pieces of glass before going in with the bread, as it probably won’t be able to pick up the large bits.

Another helpful hack for picking up bread involves a lint roller. Rest assured, next time you break a glass, you have many options for cleaning it up in no time!

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