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Can You Cut Pizza With Scissors?

Chef cuts pizza with kitchen scissors.

We all love a warm, fresh pizza straight out of the oven. But sometimes the pizza roller just can’t seem to cut it. You might also try using a knife, but even that can be challenging. How else can you cut your pizza?

As it turns out, you can also cut your pizza with scissors.

This method is a tradition native to Italy. In Rome, pizza is sometimes charged by the slice. Chefs will cut and weigh your pizza to determine the price.

This process makes your pizza slices more customizable and easier to use than a pizza roller or knife. Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese can also be slippery, and scissors are gentle while gliding across your delicious pizza pie.

KitchenAid All Purpose Shears

These durable and strong scissors are perfect for cutting pizza.

This process works better for some types of pizzas than others. Long, slab-like pizzas, thin pizzas, and pizzas in small pans are the perfect pies to try this trick on.

From office scissors to kitchen shears, most scissors will cut your pizza seamlessly—just make sure to use them just for this purpose instead of other DIY or gardening projects.

So the next time you’re struggling to cut your pizza, grab your kitchen shears! If your scissors are starting to get a little dull, you can use a popular pantry staple to sharpen them again.

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