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How Long Can Cut Avocados Last in the Fridge?

Avocados on a dark wood background.
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Avocados are a staple in the kitchen. From fresh guacamole to avocado toast, the ingredient is good for so much! But sometimes you don’t want to eat the whole avocado right away. So how long can it last in the fridge?

Cut avocados can last up to three to four days in the fridge.

The timeframe also depends on how you’re storing your avocado. You’ll want to squeeze just a little bit of lemon juice over your sliced avocado before placing it in the refrigerator. This method will slow down the browning process to keep your avocado fresh.

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Avocados turn brown when they’re exposed to too much oxygen, so make sure to cover them in plastic wrap or store it in a plastic container to maximize their freshness. Also, store cut avocados in the crisper drawer for ultimate flavor.

Your avocados are going bad when they smell off or begin to grow mold. This isn’t from the natural browning that occurs. Instead, it looks like white, fuzzy bacteria clinging to the flesh of the avocado.

If you’re looking to make the best guacamole, you’ll want to pick a specific avocado for the freshest dish, and you can keep it looking green with this delicious hack.

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