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Does Sugar Really Make Kids Hyper?

Piles of candy in bowls sit on a black table.

Parents, we know you might be dreading the amount of candy your children will be stockpiling soon with Halloween quickly approaching. Maybe your kiddos catch a sugar rush and bounce off the walls with excitement.

But does sugar make kids hyper? As it turns out, no.

There is no scientific link between sugar and hyperactivity in children. In fact, the main reason why parents believe this is because the myth heightens their awareness of their kids’ behavior after sugar intake. Research suggests that parents who believe sugar makes children rowdy are more likely to perceive their children as hyper when they consume it.

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It kind of makes sense, right? Sugary sweets are often the main attraction during exciting events like holidays and parties, and kids are already excitable then. Their hyperactivity is most likely because of the excitement surrounding the fun, not the sugar.

While parental observations are vital in ensuring your children are healthy, there are many other factors to consider when your child becomes hyperactive—and they probably don’t have anything to do with that ice cream they had after dinner.

If you really do believe there is a link between sugar and your kid’s hyperactivity, you should definitely consult with your child’s doctor.

So while your children are working hard to collect popular Halloween candy, and they seem extra hyper snacking on that Kit Kat bar, chances are they are just excited about the holiday—not because of the sugar.

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