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Here’s the Best Way to Crack an Egg

A person cracks an egg into a bowl.
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There’s nothing worse than when you crack an egg, and the shell gets caught in your mixture. You try to pull it out, but it slides around relentlessly.

The next time you crack an egg, break it on a flat surface to keep the membrane intact.

Most people crack an egg on a bowl or a frying pan, but the pesky shell gets caught and floats around in the egg mixture. This process happens because the sharp edge of the bowl punctures the membrane, causing those tiny pieces to form.

By cracking the shell on a separate, flat surface, the membrane better stays intact and keeps the smaller pieces sticking together. This process reduces the risk of those tiny, pesky shells contaminating your egg mixture.

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You can also crack your egg into a separate bowl rather than the one you cook your eggs in. It’s much easier to try to fish it out of a separate bowl than when it blends into your cake mix.

If you crack your egg on the countertop, reduce the risk of salmonella by thoroughly cleaning the surface.

This method is a much quicker, easier way to crack an egg. While shopping for your eggs, have you ever wondered if brown eggs are better quality than white eggs?

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