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Here’s How You Should Really Be Cooking Pasta

Closeup of spaghetti in pot on stove.

Pasta is a quick, delicious meal for a busy weeknight dinner. It doesn’t take much brain power to cook your noodles in a pot of boiling water. But what if there was another way to cook pasta—and it was just as easy?

Rather than cooking your noodles in water, boil them in broth for extra flavor.

This trick originated in Italy and is a great way to season the noodles and bring out a different flavor. If you want to level up your pasta game, try this trick as an alternative to your weekly spaghetti dinners.

Gotham Steel 5 Quart Stock Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid

Boil and flavor your pasta with a large, multipurpose pot.

Switch up your pasta meals with chicken, beef, or veggie broth for a new flavor. You can strain your pasta like usual and shower it with meats and veggies, or you can transform this meal into a warm, flavorful soup. You can also combine water and broth for a lighter flavor for your dish.

Keep in mind that the broth will flavor your noodles, so you don’t need to add a heavy marinara sauce. Extra sauce will take away from the enhancement of the broth.

If you decide to strain your noodles for this dish, ensure you’re using the best colander, or it might be ruining your pasta.

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