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7 Things to Buy on Clearance After Christmas

A pile of clearance Christmas items in a craft store.
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Christmas clearance sales offer a chance to stock up on decorations and wrapping paper for next year, but that’s not all. You might be surprised at some of the stuff you’ll find at reduced prices or on clearance after the holidays.

Christmas Decorations and Supplies

One thing you can count on when scouring the discount bins after Christmas is, well you know, Christmas stuff. Not only is the week following Christmas a great time to buy loads of wrapping paper, but it’s also an excellent time to invest in a new artificial tree.

It’s also a great time to buy stuff packaged and sold for Christmas, but which is useful all year round—like extension cords and outlet timers. Even the red and green storage totes get marked down to clearance prices. (And what better way to store all of the new ornaments you buy for next year?)

Kitchen Gadgets and Holiday Cookware

Holiday mugs, bowls, and other kitchen and cookware items will definitely go on clearance. If it has Santa, snowmen, reindeer, or snowflakes on it, you can bet you’ll get it at a discounted price.

Not only that, but stores like Walmart orders lots of the popular kitchen gadgets for the holiday rush, and those get discounted, too. They may not be clearance-priced, but you can expect to find some good sales. Expect deals on air fryers, instant pots, Crock-Pots, and more. There’s no better time to pick up a big electric roaster or heated buffer server than right after Christmas when stores are desperately shoving them out the door.

Gift Sets

When you head to the pharmacy or big-box retailers and stroll down the Christmas aisle, you’re likely to see all sorts of fun gifts sets. They have skincare sets, makeup sets, mugs with coffee or hot cocoa, cheese cutter sets, and more. This is a great time to restock your bathroom cupboards, makeup case, and kitchen with some new lotions, lipsticks, and snacks.

When it comes to gift sets, sometimes you’ll find them filled with generic makeup brands and knock-offs. If you don’t mind using stuff without brand names, then they’re still a good deal. If you have kids starting to experiment with makeup, this is a great opportunity to give them some extra fun after the holidays without breaking the bank at Ulta or Sephora.


From Christmas sweaters to sparkly dresses, shopping for clothing after Christmas will offer up both clearance prices and sale bargains. Again, stores stock up on popular items, like Star Wars and Marvel t-shirts and pajamas. When they have a lot left, it gets discounted to make room for items for the next holiday or next season.

After Christmas is also the best time to buy yourself some pajamas. You’ll find one of the best deals of the year on cozy flannel nightwear during the after Christmas sales.

Exercise Equipment

Fitness is a popular New Year’s resolution, and sales on exercise equipment usually start after Christmas. However, you’ll find even more deals in January, when stores are trying to capitalize on your attempt at bettering yourself in the new year.

Don’t just look for good deals on large equipment, but also check out deals on fitness DVDs, weights, yoga equipment, and balance balls.

Games and Electronics

From televisions to video games, after-Christmas sales offer decent discounts on entertainment and electronics. For the best prices, you might want to head to the store the day after Christmas. Don’t just buy something because it’s cheap though—know what to look for to get the best bang for your buck.

High ticket items aren’t the only things you can grab at lowered prices; post-Christmas is a great time to pick up holiday movies and music, too.


Toys are popular during the holiday season, and new toys are released each year made just to celebrate the holidays. Whether you wanted Christmas-inspired My Little Pony or a holiday Barbie, after-holiday clearance sales are a great time to snag toys that might someday be collectible.

Not into Christmas toys? The overstock of games and TV- and movie-related toys will surely be on sale, too. Stores want to make room for the next new thing coming out, so you get rewarded with great post-holiday sales.

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