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Dirty Keyboard? Grab a Sticky Note

Closeup of colorful sticky post note on a office computer keyboard.
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Does your desk sometimes double as a dining room table during your lunch break? If so, chances are, you’ve got a lot of crumbs between the keys of your keyboard. And even if you don’t prefer to eat at your desk, the amount of daily dust that collects in those nooks and crannies is pretty astounding.

There are products designed for cleaning your keyboard, but if you have nothing on hand and need help in a pinch, grab something else you most likely already have at your desk—a Post-it Note.

Cleaning your keyboard with a sticky note is pretty easy! All you have to do is take the sticky part of the note and run it between (and on top of) the keys.

The sticky part will collect any hair, dirt, crumbs, and tiny debris trapped in the crevasses of your keys.

Cleaning Duster - 3 Count

For a deeper clean.

For a more in-depth and thorough keyboard cleaning, there are a few products you may want to invest in, including a canister or compressed air, which is designed specifically for getting all those tiny particles out from in between the keys.

But maintenance every other day is always a great idea! So the next time you’ve got your sticky note out for note-taking, give it a good pass between your keys to keep your workspace nice and clean every day, not just on cleaning day!

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