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This Paint Pouring Hack Will Make Your Paint Job Less Messy

A paintbrush sits on top of a paint can.
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Any new painting project can be extremely messy. While pouring paint from the can, the liquid might drip along the sides, creating an even bigger cleanup project.

The next time you pour paint from the can, use painter’s tape to make this task less messy.

In a clever TikTok video, user @goodlyearth demonstrated how to use this simple trick. He applied two pieces of painter’s tape to the rim of the can in a v-shape. This method creates a funnel, making it easier to pour the paint.


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After pouring his paint, he removed the messy painter’s tape to reveal a perfectly clean rim on the can. This TikTok trend currently has close to 160K views. Other TikTok users have raved about his genius hack to make their own painting projects much smoother.

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The video also suggests applying plastic wrap to the top of the can to prevent the lid from sticking. When you’re ready to use the can of paint again, the lid will pop right off, and the rim will be as good as new.

It’s no surprise that painter’s tape makes for a clever DIY hack. But while working on your painting project, you might also try a common pantry staple that can save your dried paint brushes.

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