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How a Lint Roller Can Clean Windows

a lint roller on a black surface covered in lint.
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We all like coming home to a clean house. Some areas are easier to clean than others. If your windows are dusty or fuzzy, try cleaning the screens with a lint roller.

Lint rollers can be a nifty item to eliminate pet hair, but they’re also perfect for collecting the extra fuzz on your window. Window screens can easily collect dust, tree pollen, or even dead bugs—yuck! It’s simple and easy to get your screen looking as good as new.

To try this out, swipe the lint roller on the outside of the screen, and the fuzz will come right off. Make sure not to press down too hard to avoid damaging your windows. Remove the adhesive when it’s no longer sticky or filled with dirt.

480 Sheet Extra Sticky Lint Roller

Keep a constant supply of lint rollers to remove pet hair or dust.

If your windows are higher, you can also duct tape the lint roller to a long pole. Avoid the ladder and gently roll the lint roller for those harder-to-reach windows.

Lint rollers are one item you should always keep in your closet. Whether you’re de-fuzzing your window screens or cleaning up broken glass, they’re a handy tool to have around.

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