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Get Rid of Dust With This DIY Cleaner

A person cleans a wooden surface with a microfiber cloth and spray bottle.

Dust is a constant battle while cleaning your home. It might feel like you’re always wiping away the nasty fuzz from countertops, but you likely have a few items in your pantry to help get rid of this pesky visitor.

The next time you clean, create a homemade cleaner with water, distilled white vinegar, and olive oil to combat dust.

Vinegar has long been considered an effective cleaning ingredient. Its acidity easily dissolves dirt and kills bacteria around your home. When paired with water and olive oil, this DIY cleaning mixture is the perfect solution to eliminate dust.

To create this cleaning mix, add 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a spray bottle. Then, shake these ingredients to combine your mixture.

You can also add essential oils to create a refreshing scent around your home. Just add a few drops to the solution for a clean smell to freshen up your space.

Bar5F Plastic Spray Bottles

Store DIY cleaners in leak-free bottles.

Spray this homemade cleaner on essentially any surface and wipe it away with a clean cloth. After you’re done cleaning, store the remaining solution in a dry, cool place in your home, such as the pantry or a cabinet.

Dust mites can be a challenge to tackle while cleaning. It helps to understand how to get rid of dust while effectively dusting your home.

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