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Here’s How to Store Wine Glasses Correctly

Two glasses of white wine sit on a countertop.

Do you store your wine glasses right side up or upside down? While the answer certainly seems to be split depending on who you ask, turns out, there is a right way to store your wine glasses.

Because of their delicate and vulnerable rim, wine glasses and champagne flutes should be stored rim-side up.

According to Martha Stewart, storing your delicate glassware upside down increases the chance of damaging your glasses with chips and cracks because of the pressure being applied to the rim. And nobody wants to drink from a chipped wine glass (ouch).

Wine Glass Rack Hanger

For better wine glass storage.

The opposite is true for other glassware like mugs and drinking cups. You want to store those cups upside down to avoid dust gathering in them, especially since those are often used every day. You don’t want to have to worry about rinsing your cup every time you use it!

If, however, you don’t use your wine glasses that often—and they stay stored for extended periods—you can gently keep them rim-side down to prevent dust from collecting.

For the wine lover, you may want to invest in a home bar, so all your glassware and bottles can be safely stored together. A wine rack with designated space for your glasses is also a great option!

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