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This Ice Hack Means No Watered-Down Wine

Stemmed wine glasses are filled with ice and red wine.

You grabbed a room-temperature bottle of your favorite wine but wanted to enjoy it right away. Usually, you would dunk a couple of ice cubes into the glass to chill it. But if you want to slowly enjoy your glass of wine, you may find that it becomes diluted before you can even finish the glass due to the ice.

The good news is there’s a wine hack for that! Just freeze some grapes.

Have you tried adding frozen strawberries or raspberries to your wine, only to find that it drastically changed its flavor? Not with grapes! Frozen grapes are perfect ice cube alternatives because they hold onto that frozen juice on the inside, so the flavor isn’t seeping into the wine like other frozen fruit would.

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To use frozen grapes for your white wine (you can even throw some in your glass of red wine if it’s too warm), plop a couple of grapes into the glass and give it a good swirl. You’ll notice the wine’s temperature will start to chill.

By the end, you’ll have a nice fruit snack that’s not overly mushy.

So, make sure you keep a bag of grapes in the freezer for future you who may want to enjoy a glass of chilled wine. Or pour some leftover wine into an ice cube tray for homemade wine cubes!

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