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Grow Your Own Herbs This Winter with This Early Amazon Black Friday Deal

A person gardens using a hydroponic gardening tool, and a hydroponic garden features small veggies and herbs.

Surprise! Groceries are expensive! Okay, we know. That’s not really a surprise. If you want to help your budget a bit and circumvent some of those grocery expenses, though, Amazon’s early Black Friday sale might have just the product.

You can get a hydroponic garden to grow your own herbs this winter for a whopping 46% off!

So what is a hydroponic garden? In the most simple of terms, it’s how you grow plants—in this case, herbs—without soil and instead use water to do all the work of delivering nutrients. Essentially, instead of having plants absorb their needed nutrients through the soil, they’re first dissolved into the water, and then plants take them in by either dangling into the water or being placed into some other organic material.

During Amazon’s early Black Friday sale, you can get your own hydroponic garden for under $75. Think about it—unlimited herbs all year long, regardless of the weather. Not a bad cost-benefit analysis, right?

Kichgarden Hydroponics Growing System

No more spending on grocery store herbs.

Kichgarden’s Hydroponic Growing System uses plant pods (made using a sponge material) to grow your herb. While your seeds aren’t included, once you decide on what you’d like to grow, you simply add them to the pods.

Then, fill the individual pods with water and the included plant food. The grower’s attached lighting allows you to switch between seedling and bloom modes so you can help your plants grow in any area of your home.

While hydroponic gardening does still take a bit of work and skill—after all, you do need to control the lighting and feeding of your herbs—it is a relatively easy skill to learn and will help you save cash at the grocery store as you’ll no longer be spending $20 on basil during winter.

If you want to get into indoor gardening or are just looking to lower your grocery bill, this Black Friday deal is the way to go.

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