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Why Your Closet Needs a Towel Rack According to TikTok

Many t-shirts hanging on a rack inside the house.

It’s frustrating to run out of space in your closet. Maybe your drawers are overflowing with clothes. Maybe some of your clothes even end up on the floor. There has to be a better way to organize.

To create more space, hang a towel rack in your closet for additional storage.

TikTok user @TheRengeadeHome invented this organizational hack. She used this trick to hang up pants in her walk-in closet, but this hack is simple and versatile. You can also hang up sweatshirts, hats, and backpacks.

To try this out, secure a towel bar directly to the wall in your closet or bedroom. The video suggests finding clip hooks to help hang your items.


One of my favorite little organization hacks 🙌 #storagehacks #organization #budgetfriendly #diy

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You can use virtually any size towel rack that fits in your space. We suggest keeping weight in mind so that you don’t overload your towel rack and damage the wall. Any light items like clothes, hats, and jewelry are perfect for this trick.

She also explained that this storage hack works for any room in your home. She uses a towel rack in her laundry room and garage for extra storage.

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Hang a towel rack for easy, versatile storage.

This helpful hack currently has 1M views on TikTok, and other users are raving about the simplicity and affordability of this DIY trick.

We all love a helpful trick when organizing our homes. This soda tab hack is another way to help you save space in your closet.

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