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Can Cold Weather Give You a Cold?

A woman stands outside in the cold with a blanket wrapped around her and a hat on, blowing air into her hands to keep them warm.
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As children, we are taught that failing to properly bundle up for the cold weather is a surefire way of catching a cold. But is there a connection between cold weather and catching a virus?

Yes and no. Even though cold weather alone won’t be the sole reason you catch a cold, lower temperatures may play a role in how your body fights off infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the common cold is contracted through the air and in close contact with other infected people. Therefore, simply going outside without a jacket isn’t enough to catch a cold.

So why are the colder months considered “cold and flu season?”

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During the winter months, people often spend more time indoors, putting them in closer contact with those who may be sick. In turn, illnesses are quicker to spread. Plus, cold weather does weaken the immune system in some due to a lack of vitamin D and constricted blood vessels, making it more difficult for the body to fight off infections.

So while ditching your puffy coat during the winter won’t necessarily give you a cold, staying warm can help your body fight off a virus in the chance you come in contact with one.

And if you sip on a beer outside in an attempt to warm yourself up with alcohol, you may want to reconsider that, too!

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