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6 Metabolism Boosting Exercises to Try

Woman doing mountain climbers in the gym.

Exercise is an amazing tool that can help improve your digestion, speed up your metabolism, and help you gain muscle so your body burns fat more efficiently.

Working out helps improve your blood circulation, lubricates your joints, and helps your muscles absorb more oxygen and nutrients. This helps with all other areas of your body as it increases your metabolic rate and helps you utilize fat for fuel more efficiently. Here are some of the best metabolism-boosting exercises to try!

Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position, with your palms right under your shoulders and legs extended. Activate your core muscles and your legs and keep your hips in a neutral position, doing your best to prevent them from dropping or lifting up.

Press your palms firmly into the floor and start lifting your knees towards your chest, alternating left and right and increasing your speed. Keep your breath consistent and your form intact. Go for 30 seconds at full speed and then pedal your feet for 15 seconds. Repeat three times for a full cycle.

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Table Top Knee-to-Elbow

Come to a tabletop position with your palms right under your shoulders and your knees right under your hips. Push your palms firmly into the floor so you can feel the space in between your shoulder blades expand. Activate your core and on your inhale, lift your right leg straight back and your left arm straight in front of you.

Exhale and bring your knee to your elbow, crunching in and really squeezing your abs. Inhale and extend, exhale and contract. Repeat 10-12 times before doing the same thing with the opposite leg and arm.

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Squat to Plank

Make an inverted V shape with your body by coming into a plank and lifting your hips back and up. Extend your legs so your heels want to reach the floor. Inhale and bend your knees a lot, so you’re basically squatting as deep as it goes. Feel the stretch in your back and arms, preparing you for an explosive movement.

Exhale and explode straight into a plank position. Maintain a proper plank for a moment, with your legs active and your core engaged, hips staying in alignment. Inhale and go back to your squat, exhale and explode into a plank. Repeat for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 and repeat everything two more times.

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Ab Bicycles

Lie on your back and bring your knees into your chest to prepare. Grab them firmly and feel your lower back muscles expand on the floor. Release your legs and bring your arms behind your head interlacing your fingers to support your neck. Open your elbows nice and wide and try to lift your shoulder blades off the floor as you engage your ab muscles.

Bring your right elbow to touch your left knee and extend your right leg straight down, letting it hover above your mat. And then switch. Keep switching like this for 30 seconds, increasing your speed as much as you can without losing proper form. Rest for 15 seconds and then repeat everything two more times.

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Toe Taps

Lie on your back and lift your legs vertically into the air. Lift your arms as well and try to lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor, activating your ab muscles. Inhale to prepare, exhale and reach toward your toes without moving your legs. Inhale, prepare; exhale and reach.

Go for 30 seconds or 10-12 reps. Rest for 15 seconds and then repeat everything two more times. Always pay attention to your breath and keep it consistent. If you feel like you’re holding your breath, slow your pace.

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Side Plank Crunch to Twist

Come to a side plank position with your right hand firmly on the floor and your legs stacked on top of one another. If this is too challenging, you can always place your left leg behind or in front of your right for more stability.

Activate your core muscles and lift your left arm straight up. Inhale to prepare, exhale and bring your left knee and left elbow to touch. Inhale and extend the left leg back, exhale and bring your left hand under your body, reaching down so your entire left side body contracts and your obliques do all the work. Inhale back up and repeat 10-12 times.

Slowly transition to a plank before repeating everything on the other side. This is a very challenging exercise for your balance so if at any point you feel unstable, bring your knees down to the floor and modify the exercise that way. The priority is keeping your hips in alignment so you get the full benefit of the moves.

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While you’re on your metabolism-boosting track, try this awesome 28-minute HIIT workout you can fit in your schedule even on your busiest days.

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