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Does the Mail Run on Black Friday?

A row of red mailboxes on a street.

The holidays are officially here. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas is well on its way. There’s one day that might make you think, “Hmmm is that actually a holiday,” and that’s Black Friday.

Because while we all know Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, is Black Friday, and does the mail run?

As it turns out—while Black Friday is well-known for being a massive shopping day for people in the United States—it’s not an official federal holiday. That means that yes, the mail does run on Black Friday.

Now, don’t go running out thinking everything will be back open the day after Thanksgiving. For the most part, retailers and food service will be open to accommodate (and feed) Black Friday shoppers. However, many businesses—including some small restaurants and boutiques—give their employees the day after Thanksgiving off as a courtesy. Things might not be quite business as usual, but technically, Black Friday is a Friday like any other.

As for Thanksgiving Day, you might have already assumed this, but the mail won’t be running due to the federal holiday. Also, go ahead and mark your calendars for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The mail won’t run then either.

If you were expecting a package or letter from the United States Postal Service, go ahead and check your mail on Black Friday.

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