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Affordable Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

A pink phone charger, a phone mount, and a black travel belt

While cool tech gadgets and airline gift cards make excellent travel gifts, sometimes you need to be a little more practical when shopping for your traveler friend. These presents are all useful, compact, and, most importantly, affordable. Plus, they’ll all fit in a carry-on.

Airplane Phone Mount

A phone mount holding a smartphone

Many airlines feature screens onboard, but some budget airlines don’t offer this entertainment perk. When this happens, you’re stuck trying to balance your phone on your knee or tray table to watch your favorite Netflix shows.

Fix this problem by gifting this airplane phone mount. It mounts to the back of most airline seats to offer hands-free entertainment on any flight. It’s a great product for any traveler to have in their suitcase.

Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder

A must-have tool for frequent travelers.

Portable Jewelry Box

A pink jewelry box

Nothing is more frustrating than unpacking your suitcase on vacation to find all of your necklaces and bracelets tangled together. Packing jewelry can be annoying, but this portable jewelry box solves the problem.

Measuring just four inches by four inches by two inches, this small box will fit easily in any suitcase or carry-on. But don’t be deceived by its size—this box can hold all the accessories you’ll need to look great on any trip. Choose from three different colors to match your recipient’s style.

PU Leather Small Jewelry Box

Organize jewelry and small items easily.

Digital Scale

A digital travel scale
Travel Inspira

The weight of your bag can make your break your experience on many budget airlines, who often add hefty fees for bags that weigh more than a certain amount. Save your friend some stress by gifting them this portable digital scale.

This scale is small and easy to pack, even for minimalist travelers. It measures up to 110 pounds and is super simple to use. If your recipient doesn’t already own a travel scale, they’ll be thrilled to get this as a gift.

Travel Inspira Luggage Scale

Give them peace of mind when it comes to how much their bag weighs.

Travel Belt

A black travel belt on a suitcase

Anyone who flies with a carry-on knows the struggle of balancing a purse or backpack on top of a roller bag. Things always end up falling over at the worst moment, but most bags and backpacks aren’t designed to be secured to a luggage handle.

Enter the Cincha travel belt. This accessory neatly secures your personal bag to your carry-on or checked luggage handle, so you can walk around the airport hands-free. Choose from a wide range of colors to add a pop of personality and functionality to their packed bags.

Mini Portable Phone Charger

A pink portable phone charger

You can’t rely on an outlet while traveling, so globe trotters lean heavily on portable chargers to keep phones and computers working. This mini portable phone charger is an incredibly useful gift for any iPhone user who likes to travel.

With a built-in lightning connector, this portable battery pack omits the need for cords and adapters—just plug it directly into the phone. It’s easy to throw in a purse or backpack and will give a phone a full charge.

iWALK Mini Portable Charger

One of the handiest gifts you'll ever give someone.

Compression Socks

Knee-high compression socks

Many people experience swollen legs and feet after long flights because sitting allows blood to pool in the lower leg veins and sends other fluids to the legs and feet. This can be really uncomfortable, especially for someone who has a full day of sightseeing ahead of them.

Slipping on a pair of compression socks before a flight promotes circulation and can make a world of difference for a frequent flyer. Once they start wearing these socks while traveling, they’ll never go back.

Copper Medical Compression Socks

A great accessory that any traveler will be grateful for.

Seat Tray Organizer

An airplane seat tray organizer
Serenity Organizers

Long flights are uncomfortable for many reasons, including how difficult it is to keep your things organized in such a small space. This seat tray organizer is an excellent gift for anyone embarking on a long flight anytime soon.

This organizer ensures that your loved ones’ personal items stay within reach all the way to their next destination, featuring secure and convenient pockets to keep books, glasses, tablets, and more tucked out of the way. It also helps you keep your food and belongings from touching those gross tray tables without needing to sanitize anything.

No Jet Lag

A box of No Jet Lag pills
Miers Laboratories

Nothing puts a damper on a trip like a severe case of jet lag. This happens when your body’s internal clock is thrown out of wack by moving through multiple time zones. It often takes several days to get used to a new schedule, which means the first few days of vacation are spent in a sleepy daze.

If the traveler in your life is always struggling with switching time zones, gift them a box of No Jet Lag. This homeopathic remedy contains a variety of herbs that can help fight off the symptoms of jet lag before they begin. It might not work for everyone, but thousands of happy customers swear by this product.

No need to splurge on luggage sets or new headphones—these stocking stuffers will help the traveler in your life survive long flights and enjoy their next trip without breaking the bank.

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