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What’s That Plastic Table in the Center of Your Pizza For?

A pizza with a white mini pizza table in the center inside a pizza box.
Anze Furlan/Shutterstock.com

Sometimes, a hot pizza delivered right to your door is exactly what you need. When you open the box, have you ever noticed that little plastic table on top of your pizza? What exactly is it doing in your pizza box?

This plastic piece protects the cardboard box from collapsing in on your pizza.

A pizza delivery is brought fresh and warm straight to your door. The heat from the pizza collects inside the box and can cause the cardboard to soften and collapse. This little “pizza saver” keeps the box upright and prevents the cardboard from crashing into your gooey cheese and marinara.

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This pizza saver was invented in the 1980s by Carmela Vitale in Brooklyn. In 1985 she was approved for a patent, and this handy item has been part of pizza deliveries ever since. Pizza savers have also been used to protect cakes and pies from a soggy delivery.

This simple design has saved millions of pizzas from soggy and unfortunate deliveries around the world. These pizza savers are designed to be temperature resistant up to 500 degrees.

If you have leftover pizza from your delivery, try this TikTok pizza box hack to efficiently store your leftovers.

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